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Myths about Soul Mates

Thursday, February 17 / Boundless


Meet Jack. He's a 27-year-old college grad doing well in his career. Jack believes you need to be financially secure and established in your career before you marry, but since he's getting to that point he's started to think about settling down.


Jack has issues, though. His parents divorced when he was 7. Both remarried unhappily, his mother once and his father twice. So he's never seen "happily ever after" in any of the marriages that have been closest to him. Still he has the deep desire for the full promise of a great marriage.


Because he's a product of the current culture, he has the desire to find his soul mate if he's ever going to marry. In fact, his insecurities about marriage may have pushed him toward a desire for the fullest expression of something I call soul-mate-ism.


Jack initially didn't believe in the whole soul mate thing, but he's grown to, or rather, the belief has grown on him. The idea is comforting because he wants the most loving and secure relationship possible — something everyone wants — and he feels like he needs the perfect soul mate in order to have that happen.



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