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LoveGivesFirst.com is about Hope.

Hope for:

  • Making relationships stronger

  • Finding and protecting true love

  • Seeing commitment last

  • Rediscovering the essence and joy of marriage

  • Bonding families together to love and last a lifetime
  • Nurturing communities



LoveGivesFirst.com is an ongoing, honest conversation about love, relationships, marriage and family. It is intended to inspire love through the power of story. Our desire is that you will join the conversation and discover fresh vision or share about the power and promise of love. After all, small things done with great love can change lives. Love Gives First is about making the world a better place. It’s about our children, our marriages, our families and our friendships. It’s about building a future on the strength of relationships, actually looking for ways to love others well. It’s about Giving First for their good.

Come back often and refresh your vision for a love that gives. A love that gives first has many faces. It looks like commitment, like marriages that become stronger. It looks like more couples invested and more children living under the same roof with their mom and dad. A love that gives first looks like supportive friendships that encourage mutual growth and positive change. It looks like relationships that are close, connected, and rich with expressions of caring love. We encourage you to discover the amazing array of help that is available for your own relationship journey.


How LoveGivesFirst.com works...


Our resources are shared from a collaboration of people and entities serving a mission to foster healthy, lasting marriages. Why?  So more kids can receive the documented benefits from being raised by both their mother and father in a healthy-marriage home. All content accepted for use on the LoveGivesFirst.com site must fit this marriage preparation or family-strengthening purpose.

Individuals and organizations who contribute their expertise and content to LoveGivesFirst.com are members of our RELATIONSHIP GURUS.

Other groups may use content or tools from LoveGivesFirst.com if they agree to the mission stated below. These groups are SUPPORTERS of the movement and LoveGivesFirst.com does not have control or influence over the activities of our SUPPORTERS.

Love GivesFirst.com is not a place to debate political or public policy related issues, including those related to marriage and the family. Comments, video submission, story submissions, or other content that is political in nature will not be allowed on the site. LoveGivesFirst.com invites many groups to use our platform, our tools and/or our aggregated resources for the express purpose of our MISSION: to foster a culture of Giving First where people and relationships are valued and prioritized in the midst of life’s challenging realities.








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